About FAWC
Our wives have big plans for the Metaverse.

First Ape Wives live among us. They always have, since the dawn of time. Every moment in human history when women have led, inspired, or achieved major change in our society, chances are they were an Ape Wife. Just like the shape-shifting interstellar lizard people who have been controlling the strings of power for centuries, First Ape Wives have been conquering the worlds of politics, science, fashion, music, sports, film and television for hundreds of years.

Joan of Arc? Yup. Cleopatra? You bet. Eleanor Roosevelt? She was one too. Marilyn Monroe? Of course. Princess Diana? You'd better believe it. And don't think for a moment that Beyoncé got to the top of the charts without being a wifey for lifey!

Born on FAWC island, each wifey becomes an expert in her own right before joining society. Ape Wives are trained in the art of love and war, geopolitics, psychology, music and art.

On FAWC island, each new Ape-Wife-in-training is mentored by her fellow FAWCs in a community of women who nurture and support one another. The FAWCs possess ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation, a set of guidelines for how to live life to the fullest, enjoying the best of everything Planet Earth has to offer.

Thanks to advances in holographic technology, each Ape Wife looks human to the uninitiated, but when they are together they turn off their armor and let loose. Sexy, bold, and fun, each FAWC is unique in her own right – she fits in no box.

Although the most famous FAWCs throughout history are recognizable names, First Ape Wives walk among us every day. They're the Boss Babes who dominate at work, taking the professional world by storm, taking no prisoners during the day and letting loose at the club at night. They're the Ultimate Hosts, throwing the best parties that you've ever been to, going above and beyond to think through every last detail, and looking stunning while doing it. They're the Rockstars, sexy and fashion-forward, staying out all night, always at the top of the VIP lists. And they're the Best Friends, the people in your life that you can't live without, who always know exactly what to say, helping you out in your time of need, making you laugh.

First Ape Wives are bold, passionate, and unapologetic. They're cheeky, fun, and fabulous.

Whether it's being the best at love, the best at friendship, or the best at traveling, our wives know that being the best means nothing if you don't enjoy the journey. And at the end of the day, their journey is always more important than their destination.

Future so bright I gotta wear shades.
Welcome to the Club
Take a seat, join other fellow apes on Twitter, Instagram and Discord, and sip a martini.
We will be raffling 5 First Ape Wives once we reach 20,000 members on Discord and as the Discord community grows more exciting and valuable, prizes will be given away and raffled to our top supporters. A total of 10 FAWCs, including one super rare Bridezilla Ape, will be raffled among all the FAWC members. IRL Event 90 Days after Sold Out – Surprise location!
FAWC LoveRX Advice Hotline—Live on Discord & Telegram
From mint until reveal
FAWC hotline; a members-only chat is available to our minters from mint to reveal, 24 hours a day. Call us anytime to talk about love and relationships. Our ladies love to listen and tell you what’s on their mind. We will go live with some of our callers to keep our audience entertained.
#ApeWife Travel Club
after reveal
FAWC holders will have access to VIP travel advisor services through an exclusive Travel Club platform that will offer FAWC members the opportunity to make wholesale and privileged travel bookings. Travel Club members will receive VIP treatment at over 1400+ luxury hotels worldwide, plus $100 Food and Beverage Credit at select luxury hotels and complimentary room upgrades. VIP members will also have access to worldwide event ticketing. All FAWC holders will benefit from real life utility based on the FAWC founders’ networks, they are eager to share their fame and success with FAWC members! Exclusive Partners: PK’s List & VIP Global - Verify with Ape#
Mastermind Sessions & AMAs
FAWC is dedicated to supporting its community by providing educational mastermind sessions through weekly live AMA’s with founders and leaders of Web 3, cryptocurrency, and entertainment industries. Think MasterClass meets Ted Talks! Engage with thought leaders about the challenges of launching unique NFT collections and Metaverse games in turbulent times; hear from Oscar-winning women film producers about the best ways to break into the business; chat with some of the hottest actors, directors, writers in Hollywood (who also happen to be Ape Wives, too!). Weekly AMA’s will start for the community after Sold Out.
IRL Events
First Ape Wives love to party, and we’re making some big plans! Stay tuned for more details about the launch of a pop-up FAWC Clubhouse, plus invites to exclusive events around the world, from Los Angeles to London to Dubai.
Film & Television Access
We’re planning a major FAWC IP launch for both animated and live action extensions for film and television. Holders will get opportunities for their wives to appear during production, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the live action sets. In addition to FAWC productions, holders will also get exclusive opportunities to spend a day on the set of women-backed independent feature films, shadowing the writer/director, producers and actors. Welcome to Hollywood, Wifey!
Launch of Our Metaverse FAWC World
We can’t wait to resh-APE the metaverse! Keep an eye out for JUNGLES Department Store and FAWC Wedding Chapel nightclub and tennis club, which will be open for community members. Holders will receive free access and complimentary gaming features as well as some surprise membership benefits, including the ability to earn passive income.
Airdrop of 3D Avatars
3D Avatars to be airdropped to original minters and holders designed by a guest feature artist. FAWC are getting ready for the Metaverse. Surprise! What will your wifey be wearing?
IRL Integration
Our FAWC wives can’t be contained! We are planning exciting opportunities to bring our ape wives into the metaverse as avatars, plus exclusive jewelry and clothing launches IRL!
Community DAO
FAWC is waiting on the SEC guidelines for an NFT community DAO so we can guarantee success for our entire community.
meet the fawc'ers
The minds behind this monkey business.
The Fixer
Amanda Archer
DEAL MAKER. Amanda works hard to ensure our collections are always making money and know their worth through brand partnerships, making us famous and being our image advisor. Amanda Archer is an established Hollywood publicist and producer. Amanda has worked with some of the world’s most prominent names in the entertainment business and has also represented many of the world’s biggest media outlets, specializing in world exclusive interviews, red carpet events and entertainment deal negotiation. Some of Amanda’s clients include; the Jacksons, Hiltons, Hefners and Presley family, 60 minutes, Mail On Sunday, People, E! and many more...
The Inventor
Farah Selena
Director, Lifestyle
FIERCE. Farah knows how to build a community and pull all the strings, to ensure a long lasting and profitable business in the Metaverse and IRL. Will not fail. With expertise in marketing, public relations and strategic sales along with a foundation in technology and travel, Farah is International having lived all over the globe managing business relationships in Australia, Singapore, India, Dubai and currently based in Puerto Rico. With extensive experience in building and managing long-term relationships within the global luxury travel industry, specializing in high net worth clientele Farah brings a wealth of knowledge in creating meaningful brand partnerships.
Anthony Kaan
Film, TV, & Brand Advisor
A born storyteller, Anthony founded the boutique film and television studio Fandomodo in 2017 as a BIPOC & LatinX owned/operated studio. Focused on telling stories that have never been told, Fandomodo has built a slate of premium film and TV properties with some of the biggest names in the biz including Weta Workshop, Netflix, Relativity Media, Nat Geo and the BBC. From biopics about the famed Motown group The Commodores, and female music legend Calypso Rose, to original film projects produced with iconic filmmakers like Sir Richard Taylor (5-time Oscar-winner for Lord of the Rings), Anthony has built a reputation for persistence and loyalty. Anthony launched Relativity Media’s first digital studio in 2014, produced Disney’s first Web-based series in 2009, and started his career at CAA developing IP for the world’s most iconic brands including Hasbro and Coca-Cola.
Alison Gordon
Business Advisor
Named one of Canada’s 50 most influential people, Alison Gordon is a skilled marketer and entrepreneur who is celebrated for her unique ability to create successful brand driven companies while shifting public opinion and consumer behavior. Alison has spent the last eight years working in all verticals of the regulated cannabis industry. As the founder of 48North Cannabis Corp, Alison became the first female CEO of a public cannabis company, raising over $70 million to build one of Canada’s top 5 brands in market. Alison has worked extensively in the capital markets and M&A in the cannabis industry with multiple exits over $300 million. In January 2021, Alison, along with fellow industry veteran Amy Weinstein, launched a boutique sales and distribution company, Other People’s Pot (OPP) focused on the cannabis industry. Over the past 12 months, OPP has built a best in class portfolio and has sold over $25M in consumer cannabis products.
Jevan Fox
Revenue & NFT Advisor
Jevan is the Chief Revenue Officer at AE Studio, a software development agency specializing in creating new products for growing startups and enterprises that are ready to launch and rapidly increase revenue. Jevan leads Web3 projects for Fortune 500 companies and the world’s biggest brands. In March, he spearheaded South China Morning Post’s ARTIFACTS NFT launch – the entire collection sold out within an hour. His work focuses on raising capital, partnerships, creating business efficiency, and launching new products and initiatives that contribute to overall brand image and affinity. He’s focused on product, strategy, GTM, tokenomics, and throwing the best web3 IRL parties in Venice, CA.
What is FAWC?

First Ape Wives Club is a community, a movement, an ethos. It's a way of life! FAWCs love to party, always live their best lives, and savor the moment they're living in. First Ape Wives Club is committed to supporting creators of all kinds who pursue their passions boldly and unapologetically. Our mission is to resh-APE the Metaverse to be a space that is inclusive with representation for all. Our badass founders have decades of experience working in publicity, entertainment, and travel, and they're excited to make you part of the club!

First Ape Wives Club is about breaking down the barriers that have prevented people from being able to participate in the entertainment space, and FAWC will provide exclusive access to Hollywood insiders by giving members direct access to our FAWC Ambassadors (names to be be announced shortly)!

Travel is an essential part of the FAWC lifestyle, and our NFT is loaded with amazing perks that will make your next adventure unforgettable, like food and beverage credits at your favorite hotel, or late-check out so you can sleep in late and relish the last day of your vacation.

So come along for the ride with us and join the First Ape Wives Club! You'll be glad you did, because life's too short not to love every minute of it.

About AE Studio

AE Studio specializes in working with growing startups and enterprises to launch and rapidly develop new products and startup MVPs, increase revenue by expanding existing feature sets, or integrate cutting-edge data science and machine learning into products. AE is a team of seasoned designers, developers, product managers, and data scientists who work with companies closely to reach their next inflection point - whether it's raising capital, partnerships, creating business efficiency, or launching a new product or initiative. For more information visit: www.ae.studio.

About Women of the Metaverse

Women of the Metaverse (WOTM) was established as a new creative studio, NFT collective, and development incubator to support women founders entering into the Web3 generation. With experts and artists from the worlds of tech, lifestyle, arts, and entertainment, WOTM prioritizes projects that support female representation in film, TV, art, music, and the world of crypto. WOTM’s first release, First Ape Wives Club (FAWC), is a community of passionate women who encourage, support, and help each other to be the best version of themselves —WHILE HAVING FUN! FAWC intellectual property will be driving television and film extensions, gaming, custom lines of jewelry, cosmetics, exclusive events, and merchandise in both the Metaverse and real world. For more information visit www.womenofthemetaverse.io.